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  • Who was Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa)? - Biographies
    Ohiyesa's father, Many Lightnings
    In early life, Ohiyesa lived in the old ways
    A unique writer, activist, and person
    New life among the whites
    Charles Eastman, physician
    Family life and new work
    A prolific and unique author
    Promoter of causes and teacher
    Later life
    The final years of a great American

  • Every Branch In Me: Who are we as "human" beings? - About Books
    What does it mean to be created "in the image of God"?
    What is "the center" that people can find within themselves?
    Living with the sense of the sacred
    Why can’t modern psychology reveal all we need to know about human nature?
    Can people see beyond the limitations of their times?
    When man listens only to his own voice
    Our appointed destiny
    The mystery of two natures
    How external things become internal
    Humor and seeing things as they really are
    When work can be a vocation
    The ultimate goal of human learning
    Putting the ego in its proper place
    "We do not believe our religion, we dance it!"
    What our senses can tell us about ourselves
    Essential "branches" of will, love, and intelligence
    Finding peace in our pain
    Growing as a contemplative person
    Coming face to face with our own reality

  • What is Sacred Art? - Art & Symbolism
    Seeing the origin, purpose, and production of art in a "new" way
    The purpose of sacred art
    The Universal becoming a particular unity
    The temple as sacred art
    The icon as Christian sacred art
    The Romanesque church portal as sacred art
    The worldview of Islam as reflected in its sacred art
    Calligraphy is the noblest visual art of Islam
    A new way of seeing through Far Eastern landscape paintings
    Sacred art is a door to the Spirit for both artist and community

  • What bridges exist between Christianity and Islam? - Perennial Philosophy
    A conference to build bridges between Christianity and Islam
    Universal doctrines of the Heart
    What is "the heart" as defined in Christian sources?
    Do Sufi and Hesychast meet in "the heart"?
    The Hesychast (and Sufi?) road to "the heart"
    Knowledge must lead to the act of "remembrance"
    A tradition and way to God that still lives today
    Quranic basis for interfaith tolerance and dialogue
    Recognizing validity in other faiths while staying true to Christian beliefs
    Panel part 1: quietism, Bodhisatva, invocation, salvation
    Panel part 2: Trinity, Christ's uniqueness, apophasis, thoughts
    Panel part 3: modernism vs. fundamentalism and 9/11
    Panel part 4: modernism vs. fundamentalism and 9/11 (cont)
    Paths to the Heart and bridging gaps between faiths

  • How can we understand Native American traditions? - About Books
    How to approach an understanding of the American Indian
    Spiritual attitudes as part of daily life
    Realizing the impermanence of life
    True respect for the earth
    Man's place among other beings
    Silence, courtesy, and mindfulness
    Early preparations for spiritual attainment
    Use of the pipe in ceremonies
    "We lived our religion"
    Tolerance, one God, and "civilization"

  • Spiritual Poetry - Art & Symbolism
    Poetry and Spirituality
    Nothing is without voice
    I climb the road to Cold Mountain
    Hidden under all forms of thought
    Song of the Sky Loom
    Beneath the autumn sky
    The Great Sea
    Flower in the Crannied Wall
    A fish cannot drown in water
    The water is clear
    The rivers all in Paradise
    We only came to sleep
    Where I wander—You!
    Silently a flower blooms

  • Where to look to "see God Everywhere"? - About Books
    Seeing God everywhere—the sanctity of nature
    Why are we drawn into the heart of nature?
    Nature as a symbol which enables us to see God everywhere
    A Tibetan Buddhist Perspective on Spirit in Nature
    Re-awakening a Religious Sense of the Natural Order
    Christianity and the Survival of Creation
    The Spiritual and Religious Dimensions of a Crisis
    Who is speaking for the rights of the natural world?
    Lessons of the Cherry Blossoms
    Creation as the self-Manifestation of God
    The Unity of Being as an experience of nature
    Nature as a revelation of the Sacred
    The Symbolism of Water
    Experiencing beauty - remembering God
    The Yin and Yang in Nature
    The Importance and Significance of Rites

  • The Fullness of God: Frithjof Schuon on Christianity - Christianity
    Frithjof Schuon on Christianity
    What is the Incarnation?
    “For God so loved the world…”
    “Hail Mary, full of Grace”
    How are we to understand the Trinity?
    The Meaning of Mystery
    Christian Esoterism
    What is the ‘Wisdom of the Flesh’?
    Christianity and the Sophia Perennis
    What is the Fall? What is Sin?
    The Human Being according to Christianity
    “Existence is a rose signed with a cross.”
    “Be of good comfort; thy faith has made thee whole”
    “After this manner therefore pray ye”
    How should we read Scripture?
    Can charity be secularised?
    Can divergent Christian forms be valid?

  • Science and the Myth of Progress - Perennial Philosophy
    Science & the Myth of Progress—the quantification of nature
    What is Truth and by what means can it be found?
    In the Wake of the Fall
    Sacred and Profane Science
    Traditional Cosmology and the Modern World
    Religion and Science
    Contemporary Man, between the Rim and the Axis
    The Nature and Extent of Criticism of Evolutionary Theory
    Knowledge and its Counterfeits
    The Plague of Scientistic Belief
    Scientism vs Science
    Life as a Non-historical Reality
    A Traditional Interpretation of the Fossil Record
    Creativity - divine gift or neurophysiological fact?
    Epilogue: A warning from E.F. Schumacher

  • Insights into the early Christian Desert Fathers and Mothers - Christianity
    What can we learn from the Desert Fathers & Mothers?
    Who is considered the father of Christian monasticism?
    Brief looks at a few of the key personalities of the Desert
    Why did these elders choose the desert?
    What is the significance of "the cell"?
    What is required of us to grow spiritually in our "cell"?
    Facing the passions of the heart
    The importance of a spiritual director and guide
    What are the lessons of detachment in the desert?
    What were "qualifications" for joining the desert community?
    Is it selfish to withdraw from the world?
    The miracle of living in the desert environment
    The Desert Fathers and Mothers on encountering God
    Who was Abba Zosimas?
    Excerpts from the Reflections of Abba Zosimas

  • What is "Christian Spirit"? - About Books
    Christian Spirit-An Introduction
    Sancity and sanctuary
    Contemplation and judgment
    The beauty of creation
    Contemplating God's world
    Eyes turned toward God
    What is faith?
    Participating in God's Love
    All life like a day of celebration
    Within all, over all, under all
    Threading the needle
    In You, all things abide
    Who is the maker of souls and bodies?
    The Light of God
    God is closer to me than I am to myself
    Enter eagerly into the treasure house that is within you

  • The Sermon of All Creation: Christians on Nature - Christianity
    An Introduction
    The Sermon of All Creation: An Introduction
    Fall Ferns and Trees
    Cold Mountain
    Spring Water
    Red Dawn
    Eye of the Desert
    Setting Sun
    Purple Sky
    Snow on Cedars
    Spreading Branches
    Yellow Mist

  • Ernest Thompson Seton explains "The Gospel of the Redman" - About Books
    An Introduction
    A Shining Light
    The Power of the Pipe
    Laws of the Lodge
    "The land as it is, is my blood"
    Indian Prayers
    Love of Country
    A Perfect Man

  • Paul Goble's World: Native Americans' relationship to all created beings - American Indian Spirituality
    All Our Relatives: An Introduction
    "Life was a glorious thing"
    "We make bear sounds"
    Greeting the Sunrise
    "Our tipis were round like the nests of birds"
    "The elk walks among the herd"
    "O Spotted Eagle!"
    "Do not harm your weaker brothers"
    "Look around!"
    "At daybreak, I roam"

  • Noble Faces, Strong Voices: Exploring "The Spirit of Indian Women" - About Books
    An Introduction by Janine Pease
    Woman of the White Shells
    "You have a hard life to live"
    Heart of the Family
    Our Power
    White Painted Woman
    "We have never forgotten"
    Changing Woman and White Shell Woman
    "May our Mother bless you "
    Learning through listening
    A Woman of Value
    Family Life
    "May the Great Spirit protect my youth"
    "I am an old woman now"

  • The Perennial Philosophy Series - About this Series
    What is the Perennial Philosophy?
    Every Branch in Me
    The Essential Ananada K. Coomaraswamy
    Paths to the Heart
    Paths to Transcendence
    Ye Shall Know The Truth
    Seeing God Everywhere
    The Essential Titus Burckhardt
    The Essential Frithjof Schuon

  • The Sacred Worlds Series - About this Series
    What is the Sacred Worlds Series?
    Indian Spirit
    Christian Spirit
    The Sermon of all Creation
    The Spirit of Indian Women
    The Universal Spirit of Islam

  • Spiritual Masters - East & West Series - About this Series
    About this series
    Messenger of the Heart
    The Essential Swami Ramdas
    The Laughing Buddha of Tofukuji
    The Sufi Doctrine of Rumi
    The Golden Age of Zen
    Honen the Buddhist Saint
    Samdhong Rinpoche’s Uncompromising Truth

  • The Writings of Frithjof Schuon - About this Series
    About this series
    Adastra and Stella Maris
    The Fullness of God
    Roots of the Human Condition
    Treasures of Buddhism
    From the Divine to the Human
    Prayer Fashions Man
    Understanding Islam
    Logic and Transcendence
    Light on the Ancient Worlds

  • Treasures of the World's Religions - About this Series
    About this series
    Essential Vedanta
    In the Heart of the Desert
    Pray Without Ceasing
    Not of This World
    The Golden Chain

  • William C. Chittick explores "The Sufi Doctrine of Rumi" - About Books
    An Introduction
    Who was Rumi?
    Sufism and Islam
    God and the World
    Universal Man
    The Fall
    The Trust
    Union with God
    The Nafs
    Knowledge and Method
    The Limitations of Rational Knowledge

  • World Wisdom's Spiritual Classics series - About this Series
    About World Wisdom's Spiritual Classics series
    The Gospel of the Redman
    The Music of the Sky
    The Path of Muhammad
    Lamp of Non-Dual Knowledge/Cream of Liberation
    Light on the Indian World

  • Exploring "Timeless in Time" - a biography of Sri Ramana Maharshi - Biographies
    About this book
    The Mysterious Ramana
    The Birth of a Holy Man
    Enlightenment: July 17, 1896
    Arriving at Arunachala
    Places of Devotion
    Death of the Body

  • What are the "Foundations of Christian Art?" - Art & Symbolism
    What is sacred Christian art?
    Illuminated Manuscripts in Christian Art
    What are the foundations of Christian art?
    Sacred buildings
    The Sanctuary
    The Sacred Image
    The Function of the Icon
    The Decadence of Christian Art
    The Renewal of Christian Art

  • Books on Hinduism - Hinduism
    What is Hinduism?
    The Essential Swami Ramdas
    The Essential Vedanta
    A Guide to Hindu Spirituality
    Timeless in Time
    Lamp of Non-Dual Knowledge/Cream of Liberation
    Tripura Rahaysa

  • Books about Buddhism - Buddhism
    About this religion
    The Laughing Buddha
    A Buddhist Spectrum
    Treasures of Buddhism
    Golden Age of Zen
    The Essential Teachings of Shinran
    Zen Buddhism: A History

  • The Universal Spirit of Islam: Keys for Interfaith Understanding - Islam
    What is the universal spirit of Islam?
    References to Multiple Religions
    Ancient Messengers from God
    The Abrahamic Tradition
    People of the Book
    Universal Truths from the Koran

  • Light on the Ancient Worlds: A Brief Survey of the Book by Frithjof Schuon - About Books
    Light on the Ancient Worlds: A classic book by F. Schuon
    Fall and Forfeiture: "objectivity" and ancient civilizations
    The Dialogue between Hellenists and Christians
    American Indian Shamanism
    Tracing Mâyâ
    Were ancient peoples truly "naïve"?
    Man in the Universe
    The Universality and Timeliness of Monasticism
    Keys to Understanding the Bible
    Religio Perennis ( the Perennial Religion)

  • A Definition of the Perennial Philosophy - Perennial Philosophy
    A definition of the Perennial Philosophy
    The central idea of the Perennial Philosophy
    Why is this philosophy considered "perennial"?
    What distinguishes this philosophy from others?
    Perennialism and Traditionalism: The same thing?
    How the word "Tradition" is used in a special sense
    The science of the Perennial Philosophy
    The study of multiple levels of existence
    The science of the Absolute and the relative
    The language of the Perennial Philosophy
    What questions can the Perennial Philosophy help us answer?

  • Interview with Frithjof Schuon - on Spirituality - Frithjof Schuon
    The Transcendent Unity of Religions
    The Infallibility of the Pure Intellect
    The purpose of dogmatic religion
    Metaphysical truth penetrates our whole being
    What every human being needs spiritually
    The essence of spiritual practice
    The importance of morals or virtue in the spiritual life
    Intellectual intuition and human potential
    Faith and intellectual intuition

  • Interview with Frithjof Schuon - on Art - Frithjof Schuon
    The role of art in spirituality
    Sacred art is derived from celestial inspiration
    Objective or subjective arts
    The interiorizing experience of art
    The link between beauty and esoterism
    Esoteric art
    How arts can lead to spiritual assimilation
    Is modern art necessarily bad?
    Art and the spiritual nature of the artist

  • Interview with Frithjof Schuon - on Primordiality - Frithjof Schuon
    Frithjof Schuon's interest in the Plains Indians
    A civilization's value lies in its sense of the Absolute
    Sacred nudity is the "heart exteriorized"
    Sacred nudity and underlying Reality

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