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The Theory of Evolution is the one of the “sacred cows” of modern science. Despite a lack of supporting evidence this theory is a triumph of modern scientific brainwashing. It is everywhere reported as if it were a proven fact and anyone who challenges it is ridiculed. Osman Bakar details challenges to evolutionary theory, from the scientific to the metaphysical:
More than a century after Darwin’s publication of The Origin of Species, opposition to the theory of evolution still continues and in fact has been more widespread in the past several years. What is the nature of this opposition? There are many evolutionists who would like us to believe that whatever opposition there has been has come solely from the non-scientific quarters, especially those who have their religious views and interests at stake. That such belief actually prevailed in the minds of most people for quite a long period of time, and is still widely held, is due mainly to the evolutionists’ vast and well-established propaganda machine which ensures that no potential scientific opposition be given the opportunity to gain a foothold in the scientific establishment.

Whatever justifications evolutionists may wish to advance, the fact is that today there are many scientists who oppose the theory of evolution on purely scientific grounds and in turn argue for the need of a positive alternative, namely a non-mechanistic explanation of the origin of life.

The general disagreement among scientists on this very question continues until this very day. Only very recently, this internal controversy within the evolutionary ranks became a near battle when some 150 prominent evolutionists gathered at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History to thrash out various conflicting hypotheses about the nature of evolution. After four days of heated discussions (closed to all but a few outside observers), the evolutionists remained convinced that evolution is a fact. In reality, this was an affirmation of faith rather than of fact because, as The New York Times reported it, the assembled scientists were unable either to specify the mechanisms of evolution or to agree on “how anyone could establish with some certainty that it happened one way and not another.” One of the participants, Niles Eldridge, a paleontologist from the American Museum of Natural History in New York, declared: “The pattern we were told to find for the last 120 years does not exist.”
Osman Bakar
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