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 Dara-Shikoh with
  Mian Mir and Mulla Shah,
   India, ca. 1635

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The Paths to the Heart conference finished with a panel of most of the presenters discussing a number of intriguing questions put to them by the organizer of the conference, James S. Cutsinger. We have included the panel discussion in its entirety, broken into four sections presented in this and the subsequent three slides.

The questions asked of the panel in this clip and the presenters who offered responses to them are listed below, sometimes in shortened form:

  1. Do Islam and Sufism believe in the sanctification of the human body as do Christianity and Hesychasm?
    Response from:  Seyyed Hossein Nasr

  2. How are hesychia, and Hesychasm in general, to be distinguished from quietism?
    Response from:  Bishop Kallistos Ware

  3. Does Sufism have an idea comparable to that of the Bodhisattva in Buddhism?
    Response from:  Nasr

  4. Is it "diabolical" for the invoker to seek an identity outside of the invocation?
    Response from:  Ware

  5. Is there anything similar in Sufism to the Christian Eucharist?
    Response from:  Nasr

  6. Is the Christian view of salvation for Muslims as charitable as how the Muslim view seems to be towards Christians?
    Responses from:  Reza Shah-Kazemi and Ware

The audio clip of this part of the panel discussion is 16 min. 30 sec. long.

To listen to this audio segment,
click on the button to the right of the title of this slideshow at the top of this window (the one that represents a person with headphones on, between the question mark and the left-pointing arrow).

If you have a slow internet connection, you may need to "pause" the audio to give it time to download, before letting it play.

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