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Noble Faces, Strong Voices: Exploring "The Spirit of Indian Women"
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"Remember that your children are not your own, but are
lent to you by the Creator."

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White Buffalo Woman’s words to the women: ”My dear sisters, the women: You have a hard life to live in this world, yet without you this life would not be what it is. Wakan Tanka intends that you shall bear much sorrow—comfort others in time of sorrow. By your hands the family moves. You have been given the knowledge of making clothing and of feeding the family. Wakan Tanka is with you in your sorrows and joins you in your grief. He has given you the great gift of kindness toward every living creature on earth. You he has chosen to have a feeling for the dead who are gone. He knows that you remember the dead longer than do the men. He knows that you love your children dearly.”

Retold by Lone Man, Teton Lakota

"I will soon leave you. I will return to the home whence I came. You will be to my people as myself; you will pass with them over the straight road; I will remain in my house below and will hear all that you say to me. I give you all my wisdom, my thoughts, my heart, and all. I fill your head with my mind."

Words of Corn Woman, Iyatiku, after she brought corn to the Keres Indians of Laguna Pueblo

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