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Indian Spirit blends wonderful photographs taken, in most cases, about a century ago, along with the thoughtful and often prophetic words of great figures in the American Indian tradition. Indian Spirit may be best summed up by one of the most important recent leaders of American Indian spirituality:

"Words alone are inadequate to express spiritual realities. This book expresses the Red Indian spirit because it combines the best photographs ever taken of old-time chiefs with some of their best words. You can meet these old-timers and share their wisdom. People who read this book will better understand our sacred ways. Aho." Thomas Yellowtail, Crow Medicine Man and Sun Dance Chief

What else has been said about Indian Spirit?

"Indian Spirit provides a unique and precious window into the sacred world of the olden-day American Indians. The wisdom of these great chiefs is greatly needed in a society that has lost its sacred center."
—James Trosper, Shoshone Sun Dance Chief and Trustee of the University of Wyoming

"This little book is a gem. It offers wonderful insights into the mind and heart of the American Indian. No genuine ecologist can afford to ignore its message. Regardless of one's own spiritual roots, the wisdom of these medicine men is powerfully enlightening."
—Rama Coomaraswamy, author of The Invocation of the Name of Jesus: As Practiced in the Western Church

For more information, please visit How can we understand Native American traditions?.
"We thank the Great Spirit for all the benefits He has conferred upon us. For myself, I never take a drink of water from a spring without being mindful of His goodness."

—Black Hawk, Sauk
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