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Exploring "Timeless in Time" - a biography of Sri Ramana Maharshi
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How can we understand Native American traditions?
Paul Goble's World: Native Americans' relationship to all created beings
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Messenger of the Heart fills its pages with mystical Zen and Christian poems by Angelus Silesius. His poems are widely considered one of the greatest achievements in the spiritual literature the world. The pages come alive with pen and ink sketches by Frederick Franck.

When mystics like Angelus Silesius speak of God, they do so from a vibrant intensity of awareness, and in a tone of voice one trusts at once. The timeless wisdom embedded in Messenger of the Heart’s humble rhymes is beautifully echoed by the observations of the ancient Zen masters which punctuate the text, and in the haiku-like drawings by Frederick Franck.

"The artful intertwining of the mystic visions of Zen Buddhism and Angelus Silesius’ poetry will inspire all readers, East and West, in their quest of the Oneness underlying our reality. Though we may not all be mystics, the poems and quotations gathered by Frederick Franck are redolent with spiritual insight from which each of us may benefit as we contemplate our human and natural diversities."
—Al Bloom, editor of Living in Amida’s Universal Vow: Essays on Shin Buddhism

"This volume is another example of Frederick Franck's pioneering work in interspirituality. He has drawn the rich resources of Eastern and Western wisdom together in an uplifting and edifying whole. With Franck's line drawings illustrating the poetry, this is a beautiful edition."
—Spirituality & Health magazine

Man has two eyes.
One only sees what moves in fleeting time,
the other
what is eternal and divine.
—Angelus Silesius
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