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"The goal of this splendid book is to provide a taste of both the spiritual wisdom and sacred art (iconography) of Christianity during the first 1500 years of its existence. Another goal is to present on almost every page stunningly beautiful works of art in color…that embody the spiritual vision of Christianity. Combining exquisite art and short quotes from the Church Fathers…make this volume a spiritual gem of inspiration for daily meditation. Makes a superb gift."

—Light and Life Publishing
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Christian Spirit combines powerful imagery with words of wisdom for an experience that is both visual and contemplative. Containing a wide variety of early Christian art from sources as varied as the Coptic and Celtic traditions and wide-ranging quotations from Christian saints and sages of the first one and a half millennia of Christianity, this book invites the reader to reflect upon the beauty and wisdom of the Christian spirit. The visual and written treasures contained in this volume formed the sacred foundation of the early Church and established a tradition which may even now be traced back to the Gospels. Though specifically Christian in content, the book in hand should provide a source of spiritual inspiration to seekers of all faiths.

Christian Spirit was also the Winner of the 2004 Midwest Independent Publishers Association Award for Religion and Philosophy.

"This beautifully illustrated book shows the reader where all the Christian denominations could find their unity: in sacred art and in spiritual depth. It is indeed the same spirit which runs through the diversity of forms. It shows that the Christian heritage still shines today in its sacred art."
—Jean-Pierre LaFouge–Marquette University

"This is a beautiful book that captures the nobility of the human spirit in pursuit of God. Writings from great spiritual teachers throughout the ages shine like jewels on every page. This book is a worthwhile treasure for those who seek the pearl of great price."
—Sr. Ilia Delio, O.S.F. - Washington Theological Union, author of Crucified Love: Bonaventure's Mysticism of the Crucified Christ

“Each of these profound quotations and each of these wonderful images take us back centuries in time; they also take us to the very heart of what matters in the world. Readers should dwell on them. Meditating on just one of these every morning will add depth to each day.”
—Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis, author of In the Heart of the Desert

For more information, please visit What is "Christian Spirit"?
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