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The Essential Frithjof Schuon   Schuon contains numerous influential essays on the meanings of the Perennial Philosophy.

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Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998) was widely acknowledged as the foremost 20th century exponent of the Perennial Philosophy. These selections, chosen under his supervision, were approved by him during his lifetime and confirmed as a representative volume of his magisterial writings.

What can be learned from this volume? This volume covers an enormous range of topics including: the nature of religion; esotericism and mysticism; love and knowledge of God and theology and philosophy.

Schuon’s unique approach to comparative religion, metaphysics, aesthetics, prayer, the spiritual path, and criticism of the modern world, as expressed in this volume, opens the way to understanding one of the most influential philosophers and spiritual leaders of our time.

What others have said about Frithjof Schuon

"I have met with no more impressive work in the comparative study of Oriental and Occidental religion."
—T. S. Eliot, commenting on Schuon’s first book in English, The Transcendent Unity of Religions

"In reading Schuon I have the impression that I am going along parallel to him, and once in a while I will get a glimpse of what he means in terms of my own tradition and experience… I appreciate him more and more…. I am grateful for the chance to be in contact with people like him."
—Thomas Merton, from a letter published in his The Hidden Ground of Love

"The man is a living wonder; intellectually a propos religion, equally in depth and breadth, the paragon of our time. I know of no living thinker who begins to rival him."
—Huston Smith, author of The World’s Religions: Our Great Wisdom Traditions
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