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The Perennial Philosophy Series
Who was Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa)?
The Fullness of God: Frithjof Schuon on Christianity
Noble Faces, Strong Voices: Exploring "The Spirit of Indian Women"
Science and the Myth of Progress
What are the "Foundations of Christian Art?"
The Sermon of All Creation: Christians on Nature
World Wisdom's Spiritual Classics series
Martin Lings: Video Clips on his Early Spiritual Influences
Paul Goble's World: Native Americans' relationship to all created beings
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"One thing is certain: if readers want to 'understand' objectively what Christianity is and to rediscover its deepest meaning in order to love it and live it, the reading of these texts by Schuon will be a wonderful source of renewal and enlightenment."
—Jean-Pierre Lafouge, Marquette University

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Here for the first time in one volume are the most important of Schuon’s chapters on the Christian tradition. The book is edited by James Cutsinger, who also edited Paths to the Heart: Sufism and the Chrisitan East and Not of This World: Treasures of Christian Mysticism.

The Fullness of God has been organized in such a way as to guide the reader from matters of metaphysical principle, through various theological and hermeneutical issues, to “operative” questions of spiritual practice and method. Specific topics include the relationship between Christianity and non-Christian religions; the divergence within Christianity between its main branches, Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant; the place of reason and faith and their connection to spiritual knowledge or gnosis; the principles and applications of a mystical exegesis of Scripture; the central dogmas of the Trinity and Incarnation, as well as Eucharistic and Marian doctrine; and Christian initiation, contemplative practice, and “prayer of the heart”.

"Frithjof Schuon is undoubtedly one of the most penetrating exponents of the relationship between religion and metaphysics. Professor Cutsinger has done us a great service in bringing together Schuon's widely scattered comments relative to Christianity. The insights of this wonderful book are essential for anyone who wishes to penetrate the depths of the Christian tradition."
—Rama Coormaraswamy, author of The Destruction of the Christian Tradition

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