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Interview with Frithjof Schuon - on Spirituality
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The Universal Spirit of Islam serves an important purpose at a time when misunderstandings about Islam are rampant. It demonstrates that Islam accepts the validity of many other faiths to an astonishing degree, as proven through these quotes from original and central Islamic sources. These references from the Koran and the sayings of Muhammad speak for themselves; they are further augmented by superb illustrations of Muslim art and architecture. This small book offers the reader, whether Christian or Muslim, many compelling keys to inter-faith understanding through its moving words and beautiful images.

"By juxtaposing those passages depicting what the Koran says regarding different revelations—especially the Abrahamic faith traditions of Judaism and Christianity—this book not only reveals the common bond of these three faith traditions, but it also urges the reader to examine and probe the underlying transcendent unity of faith itself. . . . Why is this important? . . . Because so much misconception exists as to the relationship between Islam on the one hand, and Judaism and Christianity on the other. . . . These inspirational selections present the same essential spiritual truths that are found within each of the world’s major religions, offered in the hope that they will compel people who have lost their faith in God to reconsider; to stimulate adherents of other faiths to recognize their common bond with Muslims; and to contribute to a deepening of the life of prayer for practicing Muslims, and, indeed, for people of all faiths."
—Feisal Abdul Rauf

For more information, please visit The Universal Spirit of Islam.
"The world is but an hour, so spend it doing pious things."
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