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The room of Ramana's birth,
which was later made into a shrine.
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In Tiruchuzhi, the holy town of Bhuminatha, I was
born to Sundara and his good wife Sundari. To rescue
me from this barren worldly life, Arunachala
Siva in the form of a Hill famous throughout the
universe, gave me His own state of bliss, so that
His heart might rejoice, so that His own Being as
Awareness might shine forth and His own Power
might flourish.

The holy Christmas season was being celebrated all over the world. The sacred village of Tiruchuzhi, and the devotees of Siva, God of gods, Mahadeva, were celebrating the holy Ardra Darsana day. The procession of Bhuminatheswara was slowly returning to the temple at 1 a.m. The star in the constellation was Punarvasu, also considered to be special. It was at that time that Ramana was born. It was the birth of the birthless, born for the welfare of the world.

He was the second son of his parents and was named Venkataraman. Among those present at the time of his birth was a blind lady who was blessed with a vision of light. She told others present there, “He who is born today in your house must be a divine being.” How true indeed were these words, how prophetic! Later events and the years to come were to prove this beyond doubt.

Arthur Osborne, a devotee of Ramana’s, recalls, “The child was born a little later, both in the time of the day and year than the divine child of Bethlehem, nearly two thousand years ago. The same coincidence marked the end of earthly life also, for Sri Ramana left his body in the evening of April 14, a little later in time and date than Good Friday.” The analogy might be because like Jesus, Ramana was a pathfinder. He revealed a way of life by following which one could be born anew.
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