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This book is the only comprehensive introduction to Advaita Vedanta that traces the history of this tradition by means of primary sources. The sources (in translation) are drawn from Sanskrit texts by some of the most important Advaitic thinkers. The editors have filled in the appropriate background materials to make this a book through which readers can understand Advaita Vedanta both in terms of cultural history and philosophy. The book reveals the classical form of this great tradition of thought, showing how it actually functioned in Indian culture, and demonstrates its distinctive philosophical achievements.

“The learned editors deserve congratulations for providing us with a complete picture of the origin and the development of Advaita Vedanta in historical perspective from its inception in the Vedic texts. It is a well conceived and well executed anthology of Vedanta philosophy from the original texts, rich in content, most representative and complete in all respects."

—Dr. Debabrata Sensharma, Ex-Director, Institute of Sanskrit & Indological Studies Kurukshetra University

"Guénon, in his Introduction to the Study of the Hindu Doctrines, identified Vedanta as the most direct heritage of the Primordial Tradition, as metaphysics per se. However very few worthy translations of Sankaracharya and his disciples are yet available for English readers. This very precious anthology, written in a traditional spirit, fills this gap, providing readers with useful insights on Hindu sacred texts, darshanas and Gaudapada's lineage. [This is an] essential introduction to ‘the Language of the Self’."

—Dr. Patricia Reynaud, Associate Professor, Miami University

Most often associated with the great 9th century sage Sankara, Advaita Vedanta is the most important and influential school of philosophy in India; however, unlike Western philosophy, the goal of this Indian wisdom tradition is spiritual liberation in life.
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