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The Universal Spirit of Islam: Keys for Interfaith Understanding
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This small, beautifully illustrated book demonstrates through quotations from the oldest Islamic sources that Islam respects the prophets and accepts the truthfulness of other religious traditions.
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The Universal Spirit of Islam serves an important purpose at a time when misunderstandings about Islam are rampant. It demonstrates that Islam accepts the validity of many other faiths to an astonishing degree, as proven through these quotes from original and central Islamic sources. These references from the Koran and the sayings of Muhammad speak for themselves; they are further augmented by superb illustrations of Muslim art and architecture. This small book offers the reader, whether Christian or Muslim, many compelling keys to inter-faith understanding through its moving words and beautiful images.

"This book sets out to explore if these sources [the Qur’an and hadiths] provide a basis for improving interfaith relations. The Fitzgeralds (Judith and Michael Oren) give the reader space to come to their own conclusions, not taking sides in their preface. Their selections of Qur’anic and hadith passages show a unique sensitivity to and understanding of Islam. Accompanied by lovely photographs … as well as reprints of Islamic art and illuminated Qur’ans, the titular "spirit" of Islam comes across as reflective, wise and bridge building. The Fitzgeralds have reorganized some of Islam’s most sacred texts and art in an easy-to-understand format, not only underscoring the interfaith resources in Islam but the spiritual side of Islam as well."

—Publishers Weekly
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