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The Golden Chain: An Anthology of Pythagorean and Platonic Philosophy is aimed at promoting a new and fresh view of what Hellenic philosophy is and what kind of wisdom it can bring to us. Due to the flagrant misunderstanding and misinterpretations of Hellenic philosophy current in modern times, it is pictured as ‘rationalism’ pure and simple, devoid of any spiritual content. This book shows that the reverse is true: Platonic and Pythagorean philosophy has been for millennia a way of life and a means of spiritual realization. For its true “practitioners,” it establishes a harmony with the cosmos, purifies the soul, leads to union with the Divine Intellect and the One. Such philosophy is close to the Great Mysteries of ancient traditions. By the Platonists and Pythagoreans themselves it is regarded as the “Golden Chain” of succession and transmission of knowledge.

"Golden, indeed, is the chain which goes through all the Platonist writers of antiquity. To have gathered such an impressive number of authors together in this astonishing anthology is one of the best ways to prove the strong continuity and power of philosophy when understood etymologically, that is, as the 'love of wisdom.' This anthology can serve not only as a textbook for a philosophy class but also as a wonderful reminder of what the Intellect is all about: remembrance of the Truth, the Good and the Beautiful inscribed in our deepest heart."

—Jean-Pierre Lafouge, Marquette University

"The Golden Chain and the perennial wisdom it imparts is a much needed and neglected clarion call to character, and service to the community, one in which words like truth, justice, and compassion are not just paid lip-service, but are living, breathing, ensouled, and embodied...I cannot praise...Uždavinys, or The Golden Chain, too highly!"

—M. A. B. Mineo, Dowling College

The “Golden Chain” of the title refers to the ancient belief that such “philosophy” transmits a heritage of unitive knowledge through a succession of enlightened teachers and students.

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