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The Universal Spirit of Islam: Keys for Interfaith Understanding
The Sermon of All Creation: Christians on Nature
The Sacred Worlds Series
Paul Goble's World: Native Americans' relationship to all created beings
Noble Faces, Strong Voices: Exploring "The Spirit of Indian Women"
Science and the Myth of Progress
What are the "Foundations of Christian Art?"
A Definition of the Perennial Philosophy
Where to look to "see God Everywhere"?
Insights into the early Christian Desert Fathers and Mothers
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The Sacred Worlds series blends images of visual beauty with focused selections from the writings of the great religions of the world, including both scripture and the writings of the sages and saints. Books in the Sacred Worlds series may be based upon a particular religious tradition or upon themes of interest, such as prayer or virtue, which are found in all manifestations of the sacred. The pocket sized books can be used for both prayer and personal reflection. For a complete list of titles included in this award-winning series, please visit Sacred Worlds Series.

Praise for Books in the Sacred Worlds Series:

"World Wisdom has recently inaugurated a series of books, "Sacred Worlds," that combines impressive imagery-both new and old fine arts, as well as contemporary and vintage photography-with selections from world faith traditions."
—Library Journal

"This delightful, pocket-sized book lends itself to becoming a companion for the thoughtful religious person on his or her journey through a secular world."
—Hannah Hunt, Trinity and All Saints College, UK on Christian Spirit

“One can get lost in contemplating these photographed faces, the weathered skin of natural men, the dignity which is the outward manifestation of inner strength, patience and wisdom. As for the quotations: [there is] simple grandeur from those who lived on the very face of the earth and the edge of existence.”
—James Alexander Thom, author of Follow the River; The Long Knife; and The Red Heart on Indian Spirit

“One of the great callings of art is to excavate a lost part of our culture, and the Fitzgeralds answer this summons handsomely here in a compact exploration of Native American women’s spirituality.”
—Publishers Weekly on The Spirit of Indian Women

“Editors Judith Fitzgerald and Michael Fitzgerald have assembled a fine collection of quotations from Christian saints, writers, and philosophers on the glories and wonders of the natural world. These are accompanied by breathtakingly beautiful photographs of nature.”
—Spirituality & Health magazine on The Sermon of all Creation

“A copy of this beautiful little book should be in every home.”
—Martin Lings, author of Muhammad: His Life Based on Earliest Sources, on Christian Spirit

Indian Spirit is an exceptional book. What strength, dignity and beauty resides in those noble faces! A splendid piece of work by Michael Fitzgerald and World Wisdom.”
—Philip Zaleski, editor of The Best Spiritual Writing series on Indian Spirit
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