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"It is a small miracle that these important spiritual teachings have been preserved for us."
—James Trosper, Shoshone Medicine Man and Sun Dance Chief

"This work is a gift of major proportion, to a world in need of gifts, especially those spiritual."
—Janine Pease Pretty On Top

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The Essential Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa): Light on The Indian World combines for the first time the most important writings of Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman),the first Native American author to live simultaneously in both the traditional world of the Santee Sioux and the modern civilization of the white man.

Ohiyesa's works represent the most complete explanation of the philosophy and moral code of the Plains Indian. Providing much of the basis of our knowledge of their sacred world view in which 'we are all related,' they sound a profoundly spiritual note which speaks directly to the ecological crisis and the de-humanization of man so often discussed in our time. On a deeper level, Ohiyesa's message speaks to every person who seeks a spiritual way in the midst of a society increasingly dominated by materialism and industrial technology.

It was around the turn of the twentieth century that he wrote, "It is my personal belief, after thirty-five years' experience of it, that there is no such thing as 'Christian civilization.' I believe that Christianity and modern civilization are opposed and irreconcilable, and that the spirit of Christianity and of our ancient religion is essentially the same."

"It is a remarkable publication."
—Richard West, Director of the National Museum of the American Indian

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