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For God’s Greater Glory
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For God’s Greater Glory: Gems of Jesuit Spirituality
For God’s Greater Glory: Gems of Jesuit Spirituality
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ISBN:  1-933316-11-X
Book Size:  6× 9
# of Pages:  240
Language:  English


Focusing on key writings by three of the most important representatives of the Jesuit order, Louis Lallement, Jean Pierre Caussade and Claude de la Columbiere, this work takes the reader to the heart of one of the most influential spiritual traditions within the Catholic Church. Though these texts will hold special interest for Christians, spiritual men and women of all faiths will find throughout this treasure chest inspired reflections offering wisdom and guidance for all who seek to know and love “for God’s greater glory."

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Detailed Description of For God’s Greater Glory

Focusing on key writings by three of the most important representatives of the Jesuit order, Louis Lallement, Jean Pierre Caussade and Claude de la Columbiere, this work takes the reader to the heart of one of the most influential spiritual traditions within the Catholic Church. Though these texts will hold special interest for Christians, spiritual men and women of all faiths will find throughout this treasure chest inspired reflections offering wisdom and guidance for all who seek to know and love “for God’s greater glory."

About the Author(s)

Jean-Pierre Lafouge

Jean-Pierre LaFouge is Associate Professor of French at Marquette University. His academic career took him to the United States where he obtained a Ph.D. in French literature, specializing in nineteenth and seventeen century French and Orientalist Literature. He is the author of several articles dealing with the relationship between art, Orientalism, philosophy and literature. Jean-Pierre LaFouge has also published a book on Eugène Fromentin and is presently assisting in the revision of French to English translations of the writings of Frithjof Schuon. He is also the editor of For God’s Greater Glory: Gems Of Jesuit Spirituality .

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Raymond Gawronski

Father Raymond Gawronski (1950 - 2016), S.J., was a Jesuit priest for 30 years, but he was also a theologian, an educator, an author, and the spiritual director of seminarians. Father Gawronski contributed a foreword to For God’s Greater Glory: Gems of Jesuit Spirituality, edited by Jean-Pierre LaFouge.

As a theologian, Father Gawronski specialized in dogmatic theology with a focus on eschatology, and on the mystical, particularly as articulated in the work of Hans Urs von Balthasa. He was the author of over thirty articles on various themes, largely touching culture and spirituality, which have appeared in publications such as Communio, New Oxford Review and America, along with the chapter “Redemptor Hominis” in The Thought of John Paul II. Father Gawronski was also the author of the book An Ignatian Retreat (Our Sunday Visitor Press, 2003).

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Reviews of For God’s Greater Glory

"For all those who seek to know God comes this compilation of writings from three of the most important representatives of the Jesuit order: Louis Lallement, Jean Pierre Caussade, and Claude de la Columbiere."
Library Journal review

Table of Contents for For God’s Greater Glory

For God’s Greater Glory: Gems Of Jesuit Spirituality


God alone can make us happy
Our happiness depends on our perfect submission to God, who ought to reign alone in our hearts
The first act of a soul seeking perfection
The exercise of the virtues that are most necessary to perfection
Purity of heart
Of the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and docility thereto
Of contemplation
Of purity of heart
In what the faithful service of God consists
Important advice for the advancement of souls
Of humility
Of holy simplicity
Of the spirit of devotion


1. How God Speaks to Us and How We Must Listen to Him
2. How to Arrive at the State of Self-Surrender and How to Act Before Reaching It
3. The Virtue and Practice of Surrendering Ourselves
4. Surrendering to God: The Wonders It Performs
5. Perfect Faith
6. With God the More We Seem to Lose, the More We Gain
7. The Mystery of God’s Grace
8. The Sacrament of the Present Moment: The Soul’s Part
9. The Secret of Discovering God’s Transcendent Will in the Present Moment
10. The Secret of the Spiritual Life
11. The Dark Night of Faith

The providential ordering of life
Counsel on prayer
Interior direction
How to deal with excessive fears
Temptations and inner sufferings
The intention in prayer
The virtue of self-abandonment
The nature of pure love
God arranges everything for our good
It is necessary to help ourselves
Trusting God in all things
God’s providence is over all
God’s action in the depths of the soul
The purgation of the will
Two governing principles
On the means of acquiring self-abandonment
All consists in loving well
The prayer of divine repose
The test of solid virtue
Do not become attached to God’s gifts
The strength of peace to the soul
Let God act
Living for God alone
Lord, have pity upon me
Confidence in God alone
Remedies in sickness of soul
The first remedy
The second remedy
The third remedy
Abandonment to be embraced not feared
Faith in Christ alone
The last and costly step
Objections answered
A warning against preoccupation with self
The harmfulness of indiscriminate zeal
A most dangerous temptation
We grow into deeper freedom
Over-eagerness a stumbling block
Uneasiness, foolish fears, and depression
Green wood for the burning
We must allow God to work in this way
The importance of the fixing of the heart on God
Holy and profitable idleness
The tree is known by its fruits
Prayer of the heart
Two kinds of interior peace
True recollection
Spiritual progress must be in God’s time
Let your hope be in God
The use of ordeals
The acceptance of weakness in suffering
Domestic trials
The phantoms of the mind
Dependence on God alone
The fear of temptation
The good fruits of temptation
Self-love the cause of excessive fear
The last stage to perfect union
Foolish fears and fancies
On falling again and again
In times of deep suffering
Giving the devil his chance
Hope in God alone
Think only on God’s mercy
Perseverance in darkness
A hurtful and dangerous temptation
Trials to be suffered until relieved
The painful awareness of our nothingness
A good foundation for humility

What do we really mean by this prayer?
Humility has to precede this prayer and is excellently practiced while doing it
The advantage of this prayer
Attentive pauses: what, how, and why?
Purity of conscience
Purity of heart, mind, and action
Emptiness of mind, the impotency that follows, and the extraordinary rebellions of the passions
Recapitulation of all that has been said

1. Consoling truths
Trust in God’s wisdom
When God sends us trials
Loving recourse to God
Practice of trustful surrender
2. Adversity is useful for the just and necessary for sinners
We must have trust in Providence
Unexpected advantages from our trials
Opportunities for acquiring merit and saving our souls
3. Recourse to prayer
To obtain what we want
To be delivered from evil
We do not ask enough
Perseverance in prayer
Obstinate trust

Act of faith, hope, and charity
Act of filial submission to Providence
Usefulness of this exercise

On prayer
On recollection and the presence of God
On confidence in God
On abandonment to God’s will
On temptations
On peace during interior trials
On fervor
On faith
On spiritual joy
On humility and simplicity
On detachment
On vanity and vainglory
On mortification
On the duties of our state of life
On the world
On prayer
On peace of soul
On generosity in God’s service
On pusillanimity
On Christ our friend above all
Biographical Note

Excerpts from For God’s Greater Glory

According to its founder, one enters the Society of Jesus to save one’s own soul and to help in the salvation of others. The marvelous anthology that Professor Lafouge here presents sinks deep shafts into the treasure trove of the wisdom of the sons of St Ignatius, from one of its most glorious expressions, a period and religious culture that produced the classical spiritual masters of France. The three Jesuit writers here presented all explore the depths and heights of the spiritual path, and all do so in profound resonance with the spiritual illumination with which St Ignatius was blessed.
—From the foreword by Father Raymond Gawronski

This anthology is not intended to be a comprehensive presentation of Jesuit spirituality. This form of spirituality is so rich that it could fill volumes of detailed analyses. Three authors were selected: Louis Lallemant, Jean-Pierre de Caussade, and Claude de la Colombière. But if they do not comprehensively represent Jesuit spirituality, they are among what we would call its “gems” because of their deep contemplative orientation. Before reviewing why these three authors were chosen, it is important to define first what is understood by the word “spirituality,” and what is the origin and general history of Jesuit spirituality.

When deciding upon a choice among Jesuit writings, my first principle was to avoid repeating what is commonly known about the
Jesuits: it has become fashionable to deal with this religious society by referring to the most spectacular or sensationalist activities of the Jesuits in the Catholic Church. This very outward aspect of things, often controversial and not always accurately reported, is not part of what we here consider as “spirituality.” Much has been written to reconstruct, deform, and even defame the reputation of this order, and it is certainly not the goal of this book to enter again into this useless debate.
—From the introduction by Jean-Pierre Lafouge

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