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The Essential Swami Ramdas
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Essential Swami Ramdas, The: Commemorative Edition
Essential Swami Ramdas, The: Commemorative Edition
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Comparative Religion

Price:  $17.95

ISBN:  0-941532-73-9
Book Size:  6" x 9"
# of Pages:  264
Language:  English

Swami Ramdas was not only an extraordinary spiritual teacher but also a master of the English language. His books are among the leading classics of sacred literature because of their great inspirational value. Profound philosophical insights blend in well with moving devotional passages. Like a beautiful multicolored garland of fragrant flowers, this book is a collection of extracts from the writings of Ramdas that are arranged under 101 chapter headings.
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Detailed Description of The Essential Swami Ramdas

Swami Ramdas was not only an extraordinary spiritual teacher but also a master of the English language. His books are among the leading classics of sacred literature because of their great inspirational value. Profound philosophical insights blend in well with moving devotional passages. Like a beautiful multicolored garland of fragrant flowers, this book is a collection of extracts from the writings of Ramdas that are arranged under 101 chapter headings.

About the Author(s)

Swami Ramdas

Sri Swami "Papa" Ramdas was born Vittal Rao in the Kerala State of India in 1884. For relief from his outer circumstances, he began to chant "Ram," a name of God, which brought him great mental peace and joy. In 1931, after years of living on the road in faith, his devotees established Anandashram for him in Kanhangad, Kerala, where he lived with Mother Krishnabai, who also attained the universal vision of God. They worked to improve the living conditions of the local people, founding a school for the children, establishing a free medical clinic, and setting up a cooperative for weavers. Together, they did extensive tours in India, and a world tour in 1954-55, with the purpose of sharing a message of Universal Love and Service, Sri Swami Ramdas died in 1963. He is the subject of The Essential Swami Ramdas .

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Susunaga Weeraperuma

Susunaga Weeraperuma was born in Sri Lanka and currently resides in France. He qualified as a librarian and worked in the British Library and the South Australian Parliamentary Library. Retiring early from his profession, Weeraperuma now devotes his time to spiritual practices, hatha yoga, gardening, and the writing of books. The most important of Weeraperuma’s works include: Major Religions of India, Bliss of Reality, Homage to Yogaswami, and Divine Messengers of Our Time. He is also the author of the The Essential Swami Ramdas .

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Rebecca Manring

Rebecca Manring (Ph.D., University of Washington) is an Assistant Professor of India Studies and Religious Studies at Indiana University in Bloomington. A researcher of religious groups in northeastern India, Dr. Manring 's Reconstructing Tradition: Advaita Acarya and Gaudiya Vaisnavism at the Cusp of the Twentieth Century has been published by Columbia University Press. She has also completed the preservation and cataloguing of the private literary manuscript collection of the late Sukumar Sen (1900-1992), who was an outstanding linguist and Bengali literary scholar. Professor Manring’s next project will focus on sectarian Sanskrit grammars.

Dr. Manring has contributed the foreword to World Wisdom’s The Essential Swami Ramdas .

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Reviews of The Essential Swami Ramdas

"Now in a commemorative edition including an 8-page section of rare sepia photographs, a new foreword by Professor Rebecca Manring, samples of Swami Ramdas' handwritings, an introduction to the life of Swami Ramdas by Susunaga Weeraperuma, and more, The Essential Swami Ramdas is an anthology of wisdom from revered Hindu saint Swami Ramdas (1884-1963). His message of deliverance through faithful remembrance of God permeates his writing, from his assessment that 'work is worship when it is done selflessly' to 'immortality is the birth-right of mankind'. Each brief passage, skillfully selected and compiled into this digest by Susunaga Weeraperuma, contributes its own insight into a collective understanding of the power of the Divine and the inner wealth of pure love. A deeply spiritual treatise filled with spiritual life lessons that will prove valuable to readers of all faiths
Midwest Book Review

The Essential Swami Ramdas edited by Susunaga Weeraperuma is the commemorative edition of divine writings by Swami Ramdas, an Indian spiritual teacher who lived at the turn of the century and is considered one of the great gurus of the 20th century.
Body and Soul Magazine

Table of Contents for The Essential Swami Ramdas

Foreword by Rebecca Manring
Preface to the 1998 Edition
Acknowledgments to the 1998 Edition
Introduction to the 1998 Edition: The Life of Swami Ramdas
by Susunaga Weeraperuma
Adoration of the Lord
Avatars Release a World-redeeming Spiritual Force
Beauty in the Eyes of God
Bhakti is the Adoration of God
Bliss of the Atman
The Buddha: Truth is Inexpressible
Communion with Your Eternal Beloved
Compassion is the Noblest Virtue
Contemplation of God
Death is False
Divine Consciousness Destroys the Ego-sense
Divine Consciousness of the Eternal and Cosmic Reality
The Divine is the One and Only Reality
Divine Protection and Grace Through Unshakable Faith
Divinity Permeates Everything
Ego-sense Has No Place in Your Life
Evil is Our Own Creation
Faith in God
Faith Works Wonders
Gandhi was a Saint or God-man
Glorify Him and His Name
God-experience is the Highest Acquisition
God has Revealed Himself in Me
God is a Living Reality
God is Absolute Joy
God is Behind Everything
God is the Friend of the Helpless
God Wants a Heart Longing for Him Alone
Grace is Ever Pouring on Us from God
Grace of a Saint
Gurus Awaken the Dormant Spirit
The Heart is Really a Temple of God
Hinduism is a Universal Religion
Humility Leads to Self-surrender
I am That
I am the Still All-pervading Spirit
I am Thyself
I Live in Ecstasy Always
Immortality is the Birth-right of Mankind
Intuition is the Voice of God
Japa: Oh! The Charm of the Name!
Japa: The Repetition of God’s Name
Japam Purifies the Mind
Jesus is an Incarnation of Infinite Love
Joy is His Nature
Life has a Beautiful Meaning and Purpose
Life is Intended for Attaining This Supreme Goal
Life Lived in the Thought of God
Love Begets Love
Love Breaks All Barriers
Love is the Expression of God
Love is the Mystic Solvent of All Diversity
Man is an Embodied Divinity
Meditation: Posture and Method for Silent Meditation
Mohammed: The Great Prophet
Mysticism in Excelsis
Nanak: The Founder of the Sikh Religion
Nature Smiles—God Smiles
Pain and Sorrow Purify Your Heart
The Pathless Path
Peace is an Internal State of the Soul
Peace is Ever Within You
Pray to Him, Sing of Him
Prayer: What is the Best Prayer?
Pride is the Greatest Weakness
Ramana Maharshi was a Savior of Souls
Reality Which is Deathless and Changeless
Reborn in a New and Glorious Life
Religion is an Intensely Practical Thing
Religion is as Vast as the Very Heavens
Renunciation is an Inner State of Mind
Researches into the Realm of the Soul
Saints are Verily the Redeemers of Fallen Souls
Saints: Who is a Saint?
Self-realization: Its Impact on Society
Self-realized Persons: Jivanmuktas
Self-sacrifice: The Elimination of the Self
Selfishness is the Root of All Evil
Service is Work Done Out of Pure Love
Silence is Brahman
The Soul Experiences a New Birth
Spirit and Matter are One and the Same
Spiritual Freedom Should be the Goal of Life
Spiritual Practice: Some Simple Rules
Sri Aurobindo
Suffering and Sacrifice Soften the Heart of Man
Suffering is Essential for the Evolving Life
Surrender: The Most Natural and Easiest Path
Surrender to God
The Triune Path
Truth is Eminently Beautiful
Unity of Mankind
Vegetarian Food Will be Helpful
Vision of Equality
War: What are We to Make of It?
Work is Worship When It is Done Selflessly
Yoga: Perfect Union with God
Zoroaster Taught the Suzerainty of God
Glossary of Indian Terms
Biographical Notes

Excerpts from The Essential Swami Ramdas

“…Love—pure and glorious love—the immortal divine love—makes us drink always sweetness and joy. Therefore, to open your hearts to the inflow of this intoxicating love and remain ever in the rapture of it is the supreme blessing and purpose of life. All things pass away—your petty ambitions and unregulated aspirations are things of the moment. Your pleasures and pains, your successes and failures… all pass away. The one thing that remains unaltered, permanent, and eternal is Divine Love…”

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