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Ernest Thompson Seton explains "The Gospel of the Redman"
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The Gospel of the Redman
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Gospel of the Redman, The: Commemorative Edition
Gospel of the Redman, The: Commemorative Edition
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American Indian

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ISBN:  0-941532-76-3
Book Size:  6" x 9"
# of Pages:  168
Language:  English


Ernest Thompson Seton was a prolific writer, artist and student of nature. Co-founder of the Boy Scouts, Mr. Seton had a deep respect for the environment which is demonstrated throughout his numerous books about plants and wildlife. This book, which focuses on the spirituality of American Indians, has been praised as exemplifying the principles of numerous religions. Mr. Seton's thought provoking observations about the spirituality of a people who were at the time, considered savages and heathens, makes this book truly unusual. His praise for a civilization based on nature and community, not one focused on “money greed” like that of white men allows the reader a unique chance to experience American Indian values through Seton’s eyes, thus making this book applicable to readers of all backgrounds.

  Silver Midwest Book Award for “Multicultural”  
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Detailed Description of The Gospel of the Redman

In response to mounting environmental concerns, a defining characteristic of the latter part of 20th century American life is the increasing interest in Native American philosophies. Ernest Thompson Seton (1860-1946) was one of the earliest supporters of the political, cultural, and spiritual rights of First Peoples, and as a corrective to the materialistic worldview and environmental abuses of our day, The Gospel of the Redman is a prophetic work. This commemorative edition contains for the first time Seton’s drawings of American Indian motifs, a selection of photographs illustrating his life, information about his role as founder of the Boy Scouts of America, and his friendship with prominent American Indian leaders.

The Gospel of the Redman contains a new introduction by Seton's daughter, Dee Seton Barber, a new foreword by Paul Goble, Seton's American Indian sketches, photographs from throughout Seton's life, and an extensive bibliography of his works.

  Silver Midwest Book Award for “Multicultural”  

About the Author(s)

Ernest Thompson Seton

Co-founder of the Boy Scouts of America, naturalist, author, and painter Ernest Thompson Seton, was born in England in 1860. His stories and paintings of wildlife are standard works on nature study and wood lore for boys and girls that continue to be used today. Author of over 50 books, Mr. Seton's message that nature is a very good thing is more relevant than before today. He died in 1946.

He is the author of The Gospel of the Redman: Commemorative Edition .

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Paul Goble

Paul Goble is an award-winning author and illustrator of over 30 children's books. Goble's life-long fascination with Native Americans of the plains began during his childhood when he became intrigued with their spirituality and culture. His illustrations accurately depict Native American clothing, customs and surroundings in brilliant color and detail. Goble researches ancient stories and retells them for his young audience in a manner sympathetic to Native American ways. Mr. Goble has authored or contributed to the following World Wisdom titles:

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Dee Seton-Barber

Dee Seton Barber was the adopted daughter of Ernest Thompson Seton and Julia M. Seton. She was an expert advisor to Seton scholars, collectors, and Woodcrafters worldwide, and was the custodian of Seton Castle in Santa Fe, New Mexico until it was sold in 2004. Dee Barber-Seton wrote the introduction to The Gospel of the Redman .

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Reviews of The Gospel of the Redman

“…The authors [of this book] inform their readers about the richness of the Native American way of life—all too often ignored by the dominant white culture—with a devotion to detail that celebrates the contributions of the First Americans.”
ForeWord Reviews

“How good it is to see the thoughtful tributes of Mr. Seton brought forth for a new generation of readers. We so desperately need the Native wisdom in these times.”
James Alexander Thom, author of Follow the River and Warrior Woman: The Exceptional Life Story of Nonhelema, Shawnee Indian Woman Chief

“Much simplified, the message Seton delivered for more than sixty years is that a proper understanding and respect for Nature can provide a type of antidote to many of the difficulties brought on by our modern technological world. And, the spiritual traditions of the First Americans provide us with profound insights into the proper understanding of man's role in the universe. The Gospel of the Redman presents Seton's message, and the message of the American Indians, in its essential form.”
Dee Seton Barber, daughter of E.T. Seton

Table of Contents for The Gospel of the Redman

FOREWORD by Paul Goble
INTRODUCTION by Dee Seton Barber
PREFACES to the 1937 and 1948 Editions by Julia M. Seton
His Spirituality
The Indian Sunday
The Chief and the Missionary
The Indian Creed
The Twelve Commandments
A Mystic and an Occultist
The Indian Silence
The Daily Worship
Indian Prayers
The Omaha Tribal Prayer
Hymn to Tirawa (God)
Burial and Hope for the Dead
Death Songs

A Successful Socialist
Fundamental Laws
Marriage and Divorce
The Children
Status of Women
As Seen by the Missionaries
As Seen by the Soldiers
As Seen by Our Wise Men
Witchcraft Is Crime
Medicine Men or Shamans
Punishments for Crime
Dog Soldiers
Torture of Prisoners and Scalping

Concept of Peace
Exhortations of an Aztec Father to his Son

The Teachings of Wabasha
Laws of the Lodge

In the Beginning
The Quiche's Myth of Creation
Clean Fatherhood
Omaha Proverbs
Sayings of the Ancients
To the Dead Deer
The Old Onion Seller
The Lessons of Lone-Chief
Tecumseh's Speech
Red Jacket's Reply
Sitting Bull's Appeal
The Death of Nocona

Black Hawk
Crazy Horse
Sitting Bull
Geronimo or Goyathlay

By Mary Austin
Heart's Friend
Song for the Passing of a Beautiful Woman
Song for the Newborn
Prayer to the Mountain Spirit
Pament of a Man for His Son
By Hartley Burr Alexander
The Last Song
God's Drum
By Lillian White Spencer
Shoes of Death
By Alfred Wooler
There Is No Unbelief

The Vision

The Redman's Message

Excerpts from The Gospel of the Redman

“I have never yet had an Indian tell me fully and frankly the details of his faith; but by respectfully questioning the old men, by assembling their traditions, by noting their customs, by observing their lives, by gathering the records of their prophets… we have achieved something like a comprehension of the Indian’s creed, of his unwritten laws,… The Indian teachings in the fields of art, handicraft, woodcraft…speak for themselves. They are what we need; and in offering them here, I do so realizing that the Redman is the apostle of outdoor life, his example and precept are what the world needs today above any other ethical teaching of which I have knowledge. But his spiritual message is more important, and less understood.”

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