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Heating and Ventilating the Tipi
© Paul Goble
Tipi - Heating and Ventilating the Tipi
Heating and Ventilating the Tipi, drawn by Paul Goble

"A small fire gives comfortable radiant heat, and as the hot air rises, much is trapped by the smaller top of the tipi’s cone, giving all-round warmth.
The smoke flaps act like a coat collar, keeping the wind from blowing down into the tipi and filling it with smoke. By directing the flaps, smoke is drawn out of the lodge. The smoke hole, being to some extent sheltered on the leeward side of the tipi and so not in the center, allows the fireplace to be closer to the door. This gives more living room at the back of the lodge, and because of the steeper angle of the poles at the back, there is more headroom. Areas close to the edge under the cover are for storage and sleeping."

This image appears in Tipi: Home of the Nomadic Buffalo Hunters

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