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Tze-si “Jesse” Huang: Life and Work
This site includes Tze-si Huang’s biography, photos, and more.
Tze-si Huang
Tze-si  Huang
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Biography of Tze-si Huang

Tze-si “Jesse” Huang (1938-2022) was a professional writer and translator. He was born in Chungking, China, the youngest of ten children. At a young age, Jesse stowed away on a freighter going to Hong Kong and Taiwan, where he stayed and prayed with the monks at various Buddhist temples. He eventually immigrated to the US, attending New York University and Columbia University for postgraduate studies. In 1975, he met his wife, the children's book author and illustrator, Demi. In the United States he worked as a financial analyst and manager in several US companies while continuing to pursue his love of translating from his native Chinese into English.

In 1990, both Tze-si Huang and his wife, Demi, represented the United States at the First Children's International Book Conference in Beijing.

The World Wisdom book Master of Zen: Extraordinary Teachings from Hui Neng’s Altar Sutra (taken from the discourses known as the Platform or Altar Sutra by Hui Neng, the Sixth Patriarch of Chan or Zen Buddhism), was translated and adapted by Tze-si Huang and illustrated by his wife, Demi.

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