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Tage Lindbom
Tage  Lindbom
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Biography of Tage Lindbom

Tage Lindbom was born in Sweden in 1909. He was one of the intellectual architects of the Swedish welfare state, but later in his life adopted more conservative political views. Having completed a doctorate in History at the University of Stockholm in 1938, he was for many years director of the Labor Movement Archives and Library, housed in the headquarters of the Swedish Labor Movement in Stockholm. Close to the very center of decision-making, Lindbom helped conceive and implement “the Swedish model.” He was the friend of prime ministers, cabinet ministers, and labor leaders. He served on public boards and commissions dealing with cultural questions, including the executive board of the Royal Opera.

After World War II, Lindbom started to have serious doubts about the cause he promoted. He underwent a slow, but profound intellectual and spiritual change. In 1962 he published The Windmills of Sancho Panza a book that rejected the assumptions behind Social Democracy and related movements. He found himself suddenly isolated. After breaking with his past, Lindbom published many books in Sweden, most of which explore the tension between religion and modern secular ideology. Two of his books have appeared in English. The first was The Tares and the Good Grain (1983) and the second was The Myth of Democracy (1996).

His article, “Lucifer” appears in World Wisdom's anthology, Every Branch in Me: Essays on the Meaning of Man , and “Virtue and Morality” is included in The Underlying Religion.

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Virtue and MoralityStudies in Comparative Religion, Vol. 9, No. 4. (Autumn, 1975); also in the book "The Underlying Religion"Lindbom, Tage Comparative Religion, Inspirational, Spiritual Life
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