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Roger Sworder’s life and work
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Roger Sworder
Roger  Sworder
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Biography of Roger Sworder

Dr. Roger Sworder is Head of the Department of Arts at La Trobe University Bendigo where he lectures in Philosophy, Religious Studies and Literature. His particular interests include the pre-Socratic philosophers and Plato, traditional theories of work and art, and Romanticism. He is the author of books on Homer and Parmenides, and of Mining, Metallurgy and the Meaning of Life (1995).

Roger Sworder's article “The Desacralisation of Work” can be found in the anthology from World Wisdom, The Betrayal of Tradition: The Spiritual Crisis of Modernity , edited by Harry Oldmeadow.

Online Resources about Roger Sworder

The journal Eye of the Heart has a listing of online articles in pdf format for Roger Sworder. Click here to see Dr. Sworder's essays available on the site.
Dr. Sworder's page on the web site of La Trobe University has some current information on his background and publications.

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