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Renaud Fabbri
Renaud  Fabbri
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Biography of Renaud Fabbri

Renaud Fabbri is the director of the Perennialist website Religio Perennis, which describes itself as a "gate to quintessential esoterism." The site includes many full-length essays covering a wide range of topics related to the "Perennial Philosophy."

Fabbri received an M.A. in Philosophy from La Sorbonne IV (Paris, France) and an M.A. in Comparative Religion from Miami University (Ohio, USA). Born in France, he is currently living in the US. His interests include traditional metaphysics, Hinduism, Sufism, and the Perennialist school.

Renaud Fabbri contributed the essay "The Milk of the Virgin: the Prophet, the Saint and the Sage" to Sacred Web 20, the special 10th anniversary issue of the journal Sacred Web, which was dedicated to Frithjof Schuon on the occasion of his birth centenary. He co-authored, with Patricia Reynaud, the essay "Sai Baba and the King of the World: The Question of the Supreme Center in the Islamic Teachings of the Saint of Shirdi" in Sophia: The Journal of Traditional Studies (Vol 10, No 1, Summer 2004).

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  • The essay "The Milk of the Virgin: the Prophet, the Saint and the Sage" in Sacred Web 20

Renaud Fabbri’s Writings Online
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This essay by Renaud Fabbri, from Sacred Web 20, explores certain misunderstandings about Schuon’s position: was he a prophet (instituting a new transcendent religion or primordial message), a saint (some have portrayed him as a Muslim saint operating within the structures of Sufism), or, as the author contends, a sage (based on the Platonic or Hindu model)? Emphasizing the Marian foundation of his teachings, the author argues that Schuon is best understood as being a paracletic spokesman of the sophia perennis and a shakta.
The Milk of the Virgin: the Prophet, the Saint and the SageSacred Web 20Fabbri, Renaud Metaphysics, Tradition, Biography, Spiritual Life, Perennial Philosophy
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Online Resources about Renaud Fabbri

The Perennialist website Religio Perennis has a good online library of essays, etc., of interest to traditionalist/perennialist readers. Click here to go directly to a section with a listing of further online essays by Renaud Fabbri on the site.

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