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Biographical Details on Ralph (R.W.J.) Austin
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R.W.J. Austin
R.W.J.  Austin
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Biography of R.W.J. Austin

Ralph (R.W.J.) Austin was born in 1938 in Willerby, Humberside, England. He received an Honors degree in Classical Arabic and a Ph.D. in Islamic Mysticism, both from the University of London. From 1963-1988 he taught Arabic and Islamic Studies in the School of Oriental Studies at the University of Durham. During this period he conducted research in Islamic mysticism in general and in the work of the renowned Sufi Muhyi ’d-Dīn Ibn ‘Arabī (1165-1240) in particular. His works include a translation of Ibn Arabī’s Rūh al-Quds (“The Spirit of Holiness”) and extracts from Ad-Durrat al-Fākhira (“The Precious Jewel”) under the title of Sufis of Andalusia, two treatises in which Ibn ‘Arabī describes his meetings with the numerous Sufi masters whom he knew in his youth. Austin also translated im-portant extracts from Ibn ‘Arabī’s Fusūs al-Hikam (“The Bezels of Wisdom”) for the Classics of Western Spirituality series.

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