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Peter Erb
Peter  Erb
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Peter C. Erb is a professor in the Religion & Culture department at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada. He received his B.A. from Wilfrid Laurier, his M.S.L. from the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, Toronto University, and his Ph.D. from Toronto University. His scholarly interests include the following: Roman Catholic and Protestant writers of the Romantic period; 19th century British theology; 19th century British religious novels; German Pietism; the Radical Reformation; and late medieval spirituality. Among his numerous publications are the titles Pietists: Selected Writings; Pietists, Protestants, and Mysticism: The Use of Late Medieval Spiritual Texts in the Work of Gottfried Arnold (1666-1714); A Question of Sovereignty: The Politics of Manning's Conversion; and Newman and the Idea of a Catholic University. Dr. Erb contributed the foreword to The Quiet Way: Selections From The Letters of Gerhard Tersteegen .

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Historical Introduction to the Work of Gerhard TersteegenThe Quiet Way: A Christian Path to Inner PeaceErb, Peter Christianity
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