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Michael Robert Negus’s life and work
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Michael Robert Negus
Michael Robert Negus
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Biography of Michael Robert Negus

Michael Robert Negus received Bachelor of Science degrees in chemistry, biology and zoology from the University of Reading in England. He holds a Masters in computer science from the University of Birmingham and a Ph.D. in zoological parasitology from Reading. He has taught zoology and biological sciences at the university level since 1965 and for 15 years was the Head of the Science Department at Newman College of Higher Education. He is the author of several articles on his biological area of research interest as well as the interface between science and religion. In 1996, he was a joint winner of a Templeton Award for courses dealing with science and theology.

His essay “Man, Creation and the Fossil Record” is included in Science and the Myth of Progress and first appeared in Rivista di Biologia.

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