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Kurt Almqvist’s life and work
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Kurt Almqvist
Kurt  Almqvist
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Biography of Kurt Almqvist

Swedish philosopher and author; editor and translator of Tidlös besinning i besinningslös tid: Ur Frithjof Schuons verk, Kurt Almqvist was also a professor and an accomplished poet. He taught Romanic Languages including Spanish, Latin, French, Catalonian and Provencal. In addition to writing many poems in Swedish, he published an anthology of quotations by Frithjof Schuon and René Guénon in Swedish.

His article "Every Branch in Me" is included in World Wisdom's anthology Every Branch in Me: Essays on the Meaning of Man . This anthology, whose title is taken from Mr. Almqvist's article, is featured in World Wisdom's Perennial Philosophy series.

Kurt Almqvist’s Writings Online
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In this short essay, perennialist author Kurt Almqvist examines the unmistakeable disharmony between man and nature that exists in modern times, along with its historical causes and consequences. Dr. Almqvist also surveys the traditional cosmologies of various religions (e.g. Christianity, Taoism, American Indian) which avoided this problem in earlier times. Almqvist's thesis may be summarized in his own words in this way: "Present-day attempts by a few scattered theologians to patch together natural science and religion have been fruitless, because they build on erroneous premises, such, for instance, as a basically materialistic and evolutionistic idea. The only thing that really could restore the harmony between man and nature would be a rediscovery of the hidden hierarchy of Existence, an insight that the earth, which is man's living place, takes all its life and all its reality from a Focus of unity that is its heart but that also transcends it."
The Hidden Hierarchy of ExistenceOriginally appeared in English in the journal "Sunrise" (vol. 22) in 1973Almqvist, Kurt Comparative Religion, Environment and Nature, Perennial Philosophy
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Online Resources about Kurt Almqvist

The Anna Howard Shaw Center at Boston University has a web page on Kurt Almqvist. The page has a photo of Almqvist with his fellow Swedish perennialist author Tage Lindbom, and includes more biographical and bibliograhical details. The page also has a link to Almqvist's article "The Hidden Hierarchy of Existence," which is available online.

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