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Kathleen Raine
Kathleen  Raine
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Biography of Kathleen Raine

Kathleen Raine was an internationally recognized English poet and Blake scholar. She was the founder of the Temenos Academy, an organization that advocates the primacy of the Imagination and which promulgates a traditional view of the arts and crafts in Britain. In addition to her many seminal works on the Romantic poet William Blake (such as Blake and Antiquity, 1979; Golgonooza, City of the Imagination: Last Studies in William Blake, 1991; Blake and Tradition, 2002), other of her more representative publications include Defending Ancient Springs (1985) and Yeats the Initiate (1986).

Kathleen Raine's essay "The Underlying Order: Nature and the Imagination" can be found in the collection Seeing God Everywhere: Essays on Nature and the Sacred . "India and the Modern World" is in The Betrayal of Tradition: Essays on the Spiritual Crisis of Modernity , edited by Kenneth (Harry) Oldmeadow. "The Vertical Dimension" is in Every Man An Artist .

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Online Resources about Kathleen Raine

Kathleen Raine's page on Wikipedia has good biographical material on her, as well as a quite comprehensive listing of her literary work.
The Temenos Academy was created by Kathleen Raine. The Temenos Academy page on Kathleen Raine has additional biographical information on her, as well as good bibliographical listings of her writings.

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