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Hans Küry: Life and Work
This site includes Hans Küry’s biography, photos, and more.
Hans Küry
Hans  Küry
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Biography of Hans Küry

Hans Küry (1906-1987) was a professional writer, editor, and translator who specialized in the works of Shakespeare. Dr. Küry authored six books and several articles in his native German on a range of literary, religious, and philosophical subjects.

Hans Küry was a long-time friend and associate of the leading figure of the Perennialist School of philosophy/comparative religion, Frithjof Schuon. They exchanged many letters over decades, and excerpts of many of Schuon's letters to Dr. Küry have been published as addenda to books or in other venues.

World Wisdom is publishing Death as Gateway to Eternity: Nature’s Hidden Message, the first book by Dr. Küry to be translated into English. The book is a series of connected spiritual reflections on the reality and meaning of death to human beings. Death as Gateway to Eternity, by Hans Küry, will be published in 2013.

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