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Gojun Shichiri’s life and work
This site includes Gojun Shichiri’s biography, photos, and more.
Gojun Shichiri
Gojun  Shichiri
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Biography of Gojun Shichiri

Gôjun Shichiri was born in 1836. He lived at Hakata, in southwestern Japan. Shichiri was a very influential and popular propagator of the Tariki way (the way of the “Other”) of Amidism. D.T. Suzuki tells the story of Shichiri’s house being burgled: the thief, upon being arrested, later converted because of the deep impression left upon him by the saintly man. Shichiri was also a scholar and a prolific writer. He died in 1900. His contributions can be found in the World Wisdom anthology, Pray Without Ceasing .

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