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Elsa Marston
Elsa  Marston
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Biography of Elsa Marston

Elsa Marston is an award-winning author of over 20 teen and children’s books, specializing in the Middle East and North Africa, ancient and modern. She has a master’s degree in international affairs from Harvard University with further study at the American University of Beirut, and has lived in Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia with her husband, the late Professor Iliya Harik of Indiana University. In addition to her books with Wisdom Tales (The Compassionate Warrior and, forthcoming, The Olive Tree), her recent work includes Santa Claus in Baghdad and Other Stories About Teens in the Arab World, Women in the Middle East: Tradition and Change, The Byzantine Empire, and Muhammad of Mecca, a historical biography. She lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

Books/DVDs containing the work of Elsa Marston

Elsa Marston’s contributions to World Wisdom books:

  • The Olive Tree, author, illustrated by Claire Ewart
  • The Compassionate Warrior: Abd el-Kader of Algeria, author
    • Co-winner of the 2013 Middle East Book Award for best “Youth Nonfiction”
    • Finalist for 2013 Midwest Books Award in the categories “History” and “Young Adult Non-Fiction”
    • Finalist for 2013 Foreword Review “Book of the Year” Award in the category “Young Adult Nonfiction”
    • 2014 Eric Hoffer Award, First runner-up in the “Culture” category

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