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Elenita and Marina Brown’s life and work
This site includes Elenita and Marina Brown’s biography, photos, and more.
Elenita and Marina Brown
Elenita and Marina  Brown
Detailed Information on Elenita and Marina Brown

Biography of Elenita and Marina Brown

Elenita and Marina (Weatherly) Brown are the wife and eldest daughter respectively of noted scholar of American Indian spirituality, Joseph Epes Brown.

Elenita Brown is a renowned dancer, teacher, and artist. Elenita was married to Joseph Epes Brown for nearly 50 years. Elenita has exhibited her artwork nationwide and has taught, choreographed, and performed various dance styles throughout her life. Joseph and Elenita have four grown children, Alexander, Marina, Malika, and Veronica. In addition to teaching and performing dance, Elenita continues to run Kootenai Creek Ranch with her family in Stevensville, Montana.

Marina Brown Weatherly is a professional artist and educator. The oldest daughter of Joseph Epes Brown, Brown Weatherly has taught art at universities, public and private schools, and has conducted workshops for teachers. She is the co-director of Kootenai Creek Ranch, a summer day camp in Montana. She has also published several articles and is editing a forthcoming biography of the late Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail, the first American Indian nurse and wife of Crow Sun Dance chief Thomas Yellowtail .

They are the co-editors of The Spiritual Legacy of the American Indian: Commemorative Edition with Michael Fitzgerald.

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