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Clinton Minnaar’s life and work
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Clinton Minnaar
Clinton  Minnaar
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Biography of Clinton Minnaar

Clinton Minnaar was born in Namibia (formerly South West Africa) in 1972. An early attraction to contemplative spirituality saw him travel to the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe in search of religious, cultural, and historical sites of interest. His encounters with Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, coupled with a deep interest in Eastern religions, saw him complete undergraduate studies in Comparative Religion, Philosophy, and English. Further graduate studies included an MA on the Perennialist school of comparative religious thought, and a teaching degree with specialties in English and Religious Studies. For more than a decade he has combined these specialties in editing books on world religions for adults, teens, and children. Clinton Minnaar lives with his Argentinean wife in Bloomington, IN.

The Underlying Religion (2007) was co-edited by Martin Lings and Clinton Minnaar.

Clinton Minnaar’s Writings Online
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Introduction to "The Underlying Religion"The Underlying Religion: An Introduction to the Perennial PhilosophyMinnaar, Clinton Metaphysics, Perennial Philosophy
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