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Charles le Gai Eaton’s life and work
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Charles le Gai Eaton
Charles le Gai Eaton
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Biography of Charles le Gai Eaton

Charles le Gai Eaton was born in Lausanne, Switzerland of British parents in 1921. He was educated at Charterhouse and Kings College, Cambridge. After wartime service in the British Intelligence Corps, his professional life has included diplomatic service, teaching and journalism and has taken him to four continents. He contributed the article “Knowledge and its Counterfeits” to Science and the Myth of Progress. Charles le Gai Eaton died in 2010.

Charles le Gai Eaton’s Writings Online
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What We Are and Where We AreStudies in Comparative Religion, Vol. 8, No. 3. (Summer, 1974)Eaton, Charles Modernism, Spiritual Life, Tradition
It is often believed that the mythology of "primitive" peoples represents nothing more than an early effort to explain the universe rationally and is meant to be taken literally. Therefore, attention is shifted away from myth in favor of more highly developed forms of scientific investigation. This understanding, which assumes in modern man an evolutionary superiority, overlooks the symbolic message contained within the myths of such cultures. A similar form of rationalistic attack is often conducted against religious doctrine, and has contributed to such the virtual dissapearance of the metaphysicial and intellectual heritage within Christianity. Gai Eaton discusses these and other instances in which failure to comprehend the depth of a spiritual reality leads to its dismissal as irrelevant or absurd.
The Only Heritage We HaveStudies in Comparative Religion, Vol. 8, No. 2. (Spring, 1974)Eaton, Charles Modernism, Mythology or Legend, Symbolism, Tradition
Knowledge and its CounterfeitStudies in Comparative Religion, Vol. 8, No. 1. (Winter, 1974)Eaton, Charles Comparative Religion, Modernism, Perennial Philosophy, Tradition
The Earth’s ComplaintThe Essential SophiaEaton, Charles Metaphysics
This obituary of Martin Lings was written by his long-time friend, Gai Eaton.
Martin Lings: Islamic scholar concerned with spiritual crisisGuardian newspaper obituaryEaton, Charles Biography
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