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Bernard Kelly’s life and work
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Bernard Kelly
Bernard  Kelly
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Biography of Bernard Kelly

Born in 1921, Bernard Kelly was a Catholic neo-scholastic and traditionalist especially concerned with the recalling of contemporary Christian thought to Thomism, and with the provision of a traditional and scholastic critique of the modern world. He also endeavored to prepare the ground for a sound Christian approach to the Eastern religions and in this regard corresponded regularly with perennialist author Ananda K. Coomaraswamy. Kelly contributed to Religion of the Heart, edited by S.H. Nasr and William Stoddart . He also wrote Lay Spirituality: Its Theory and Practice and An Introduction to Moral Theology: Fundamental Concepts in Their Christian Perspective. His article, "A Christian Approach to the Non-Christian Religions," appears in Ye Shall Know the Truth , published by World Wisdom.

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